A World Without Soccer Scarves?

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Where Would the Game of Soccer be Without Scarves?

For years, the sport of soccer has been completely intertwined with team scarves, which are brought to games by the thousands all over the world.  National soccer teams, colleges, famous professional clubs, and even amateur youth teams all have soft and colorful scarves that decorate the stands and get waved about in an effort to inspire the players on the field.  But what if those scarves didn’t exist?  Would soccer still be the most popular sport in the world?  Would the matches still be attended by thousands of loyal and passionate fans?  Would the value of the major teams still be measured in the billions of dollars?  Because of the persistent relationship between the sport and its scarves, this is a hard world to envision, but I will attempt to do so in the paragraphs ahead.

In short, the soccer world would be far different.  One of the crucial factors surrounding the soccer scarf is its ability to keep fans warm.  This prevents them from catching cold in the harsh winter nights, when matches are often played.  Without scarves, the fans would become sick and thus attendance would probably go down.  Considering the effects, night soccer matches would probably never happen, which would further reduce the numbers of supporters in the stands since most people have jobs and work during the day. 

The soccer season would probably shift towards an MLS-like summer only type of schedule to avoid the cold.  However, that could negatively affect fans since the summer is often spent travelling to beaches and other fun locations.  But another effect could be just as costly for the sport…

Soccer scarves promote an incredible atmosphere in stadiums!  They get waved about and are held high while club anthems are bellowed by the faithful supporters.  Without the scarves, fans’ hands would likely be down in their pockets staying warm with their bodies hunched over, hardly able to sing loud and proud.  There would be a quiet, observant nature from the spectators that would take the thrill right out of soccer.  You would wonder if people would even care about the game at all.

In fact, there is a very real possibility that without the scarves, soccer would hardly be as popular as it is today.  There would be no mega-stadiums packed to the rafters every week, there would be no soccer channels broadcasting the games to every corner of the globe, and there might not even be a FIFA World Cup!  Without scarves, soccer might be relegated to a casual game played by youngsters looking to expel some energy.  There would be no Messi, no Pele, no Ronaldo’s (of course they’d probably be alive but certainly wouldn’t be able to make a living in soccer, and thus would be largely unknown to the rest of the world). 

Without soccer heroes to idolize, the populace of the world would have a hard time finding inspiration, and would be numbed into a callous lifestyle of all work and no play.  In short, a world without soccer scarves would be a very sad world indeed…

But fret not, because the scarves are here and they’re here to stay!  If you are a true soccer fan, you’ll have a hearty supply of scarves and they will help keep you healthy and spirited at each and every game you attend with their warm and colorful fuzziness.  Scarves truly make the soccer world go round!

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