Why have scarves taken over the sport of soccer?

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When you watch a soccer game, a strange phenomenon occurs in the stands.  People start jumping up and down and waving these weird scarves around.  Matching the team colors and usually carrying some sort of chant or team logo, the soccer scarves have become ingrained in the sport.  While we now look at such clothing items as a perfectly normal part of the game, one cannot deny that bringing along a soccer scarf to a match is a bit of a strange tradition.  How did the scarf manage to take over soccer?

Well, in short the soccer scarf serves two key elements for supporters: it is functional, and it also is a wonderful garment used to cheer on your favorite team.  Let’s begin with the useful nature of soccer scarves.

The sport of soccer began as football in the cold, wet confines of England.  Anyone who has experienced that part of the world knows the type of weather that fans typically encounter on their game days.  It rains, a lot.  Additionally, the temperatures are often quite low, especially in the winter months when the games still go on. 

For a fan at one of these matches, the conditions could be described as being more than a bit harsh.  While they huddle together and cheer on the team with strong vocal singing, the following day can be rough.  Sore throats, weakness, and a general cold would typically follow such a fan.  Simply stated, that’s no fun, and it was costing fledgling soccer teams their fans. 

Enter the soccer scarf.  Warm and soft, the scarves began to appear in the stands to preserve the health of fans.  With a scarf wrapped around one’s neck, suddenly the tough climate became manageable.  Sicknesses were prevented, perhaps even lives saved, and the teams benefited from the louder and more vibrant support.  Each team soon picked up on the trend and began making scarves of their own bearing team colors and crests.

Soon fans began using the scarves to support their favorite clubs.  In good weather, they would still bring along the team scarf, and even began to hoist them into the air as they roared chants and sung team songs.  A whole new ethos surrounding the soccer scarves emerged as they were incorporated into exuberant fan behavior.  Grouped together, the scarves can create a formidable scarf wall, which is quite a sight to witness!  This is how the scarf has taken hold of soccer in modern times. 

Soccer teams big and small now each have their own brand of soccer scarves for their most dedicated fans to use in support of the team.  Custom soccer scarves have even become a popular item for youth teams and high school teams all over the country who want to improve their brand and image, as well as partake in this wonderful aspect of the game.

In essence, the soccer scarf has taken over the sport of soccer, and it truly is a great thing.  Teams now have a wonderful piece of merchandise to distribute through fans that not only keeps them healthy (and coming back for more) but also advertises the team, and shows off everyone’s support and dedication.  The scarf is now ingrained in soccer because it has helped the sport take off to become the most popular game in the world!  Soccer and scarves are a perfect match, and you can now get scarves from your favorite clubs or order your team’s own batch of custom scarves right here with Ruffneck Scarves!

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