Soccer scarves collector? What to do with them all....

You’ve been a faithful soccer fan for several years now.  You’ve accumulated soccer scarves of all your favorite teams over the years and currently own a sizable number of them.  At first, you went out and bought those of your beloved clubs or schools, but since then you’ve been collecting numerous scarves along with ticket deals and promotions.  Perhaps you’ve even gotten a few commemorating a specific game you attended.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of excess fabric lying around your house these days.  What should you do with all those soccer scarves?

Unfortunately, the laws of nature prevent most fans from wearing more than a single scarf out to a match so you really must have a nice place to store your scarves.  But while a full drawer does make a suitable location, you should really think about how awesome and decorative those items can be.  Beautifully designed with bright colors, fun chants, and special logos, these scarves need to be seen and displayed!

One great way to show off your scarves (and to make room for them) is to hang them in a group on a wall in your home.  In as few as 5 scarves hanging side-by-side you can have a marvelous tribute to a specific team or league of soccer.  Many soccer fans have massive scarf collections and have decorated an entire room’s walls with scarves! It creates a fantastic aura and display.  Set in one’s personal soccer theater (or man cave), the scarves may even dampen the loud roars that emerge on weekend mornings as you watch the EPL.

But there are other ways of handling your ever-growing soccer scarf collection as well.  Perhaps there’s a person in your life who has recently been taken by the sport, and they’ve decided to support your favorite team!  You could ingratiate them into your fold of fans with a marvelous scarf to cheer on with.  You can also disperse them as gifts, sparking new generations of fans and supporters.

But if you wish to keep your scarves, there are various more decorative ideas beyond simply hanging them up from walls.  You can wrap the scarves around lampposts to show them off, bringing the bright team colors home with you.  Adorned around other pieces of furniture can also be great locations for the scarves.  Be creative and find a neat area to show off your fandom! 

But lastly, and most importantly, you should be getting the best use out of the scarves from what they were intended for: using them!  Soccer scarves have long kept fans warm and cheer from their seats in the stands, and your scarves should be alongside you whenever you engage in a live game.  Rotate them in to your matches (or perhaps find that “lucky” scarf) to see which one gets you most excited about supporting your team.  Or simply wear them about town as you go about your business.  With winter weather approaching, you’ll soon be begging that you’d taken one of your scarves with you as you battle the cold!

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