6 Organizations & Events that Could Use Custom Scarves that DO NOT Involve Sports

The scarf has long time been a staple in the sporting community, particularly in soccer. Fans have raised scarves in support of their team for decades. There truly is no better accessory for displaying passion and loyalty to your club, but the impact and benefit of scarves can reach far past sporting events. Custom scarves have helped raise support, awareness, enthusiasm, funds, and a sense of community for a wide range of organizations. Don't believe us? Take a look.


In a world where every restaurant and brewery is selling t-shirts, it's time to do something different. Creating custom scarves for your establishment is a unique way to gain additional exposure for your brand while offing your patrons a high quality and stylish accessory. It's truly a win win! Check out the awesome custom scarves Ruffneck has made for Boundary Bay Brewery (above) & Hot Italian Pizza Bar (Below). 

Corporate Events:

Depending on the company, going to a corporate event can be a drag. As fascinating as sales totals are, and as interesting as the guest lecturer is trying to be, it can be a difficult thing to get excited for. How to combat this? What about fostering a sense of community and work pride with custom company scarves! Ruffneck has worked with companies from Microsoft (below) to Hootsuite (above), from Uber to Nintendo to help build excitement for product launches, to celebrate anniversaries, and to reward employee achievements. Custom corporate scarves are the perfect take-away for both employees and business partners who may attend your company's event. Scarves are functional for wear and simultaneously promote brand loyalty. 

Activist Groups:

One of the biggest benefits of custom scarves is their durability and customizable message. Unlike a paper or cardboard sign, scarves will not tare or fall apart in unfavorable weather. Holding up your custom scarves will clearly display the message you are championing for, and even before or after the rally, by wearing your scarf you can continually advocate for your cause. Unite you advocacy group with the most impactful accessory. Take a look how custom scarves has helped the #StopFundingFossils Movement (below) during their fight to help lead the world away from fossil fuel dependency. 



As useful as a dozen coasters and candles with various wedding dates and love notes are, receiving a wedding favor with a little more originality would really wow your guests. Celebrating your union in a more fantastical manner with custom wedding scarves can take a wedding to the next level. 

Rock Concerts:

Does your merch table lack variety? Are your loyal supporters wanting something more than t-shirts and key chains? Custom scarves could be the perfect answer to solving this dilemma. Various bands, concerts, and music festivals have called in Ruffneck Scarves to vamp up their merchandise selection, giving fans and concert goers something to wave, raise, and wear during the event, and a token to remember the epic time they had for years to come.

Support Groups & Non-Profits:

 When Dublin, California native Camille Chabot was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, she and he supportive family decided to turn an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to inspire and aid others both currently fighting cancer &/or dealing with the complications of after chemotherapy. The #CamilleStrong hashtag has been shared in posts all over the world, and to help spread awareness for the cause Ruffneck Scarves was honored to be asked to make custom #CAMILLESTRONG scarves. Learn more about Camille's fight and progress in the CamilleStrong Foundation HERE, and get started on custom scarves to help spread awareness and support for your cause at RuffneckScarves.com.



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